MOD Taekwondo Elite - Taekwondo Competition Team

“Through my years of experience, I have developed a teaching approach that is both challenging and supportive, helping students to push themselves to achieve their goals while also providing them with the guidance and encouragement they need to succeed.”

Marlo Dagpin, Grand Master

Demonstration Team

Performing can be a fun and rewarding experience, allowing athletes to share their passion for Taekwondo with others and inspire them to take up the martial art.

Being a member of a Taekwondo Demonstration Team can offer a range of benefits. For one, it can provide a sense of community and teamwork, as team members work together to create and perform choreographed routines that showcase the beauty and power of Taekwondo. Additionally, being part of a demonstration team can help improve physical fitness, as team members train regularly and practice acrobatic moves and techniques that require a high level of coordination, strength, and flexibility. Demonstration teams also provide opportunities for athletes to develop their creativity and showmanship skills, as they create visually stunning routines that captivate audiences. Being a part of a Taekwondo Demonstration Team can also help boost confidence, as athletes perform in front of crowds and receive recognition for their talents.